Here I present you with a slew of fun trivia questions related to South Park and religion - mostly questions that can be answered by watching the show but some that can be answered by reading The Zen of South Park.

If you have suggestions for great South Park trivia questions related to religion (or if you wish to contest an answer), please don’t hesitate to email them to

Which of these is not a member of the Super Best Friends?

A. L. Ron Hubbard

B. Lao Tzu

C. Seaman

D. Krishna

What physical affliction caused Kyle not to believe in God?


B. Circumcision

C. Hemorrhoids

D. Gingervitis

Who is smart-smart-smart-smart-smart?

  1. A.Joseph Smith

  2. B.Martin Harris

  3. C.Lucy Harris

  4. D.Randy Marsh

Who does Mr. Garrison always want to get rid of every Christmas?

A. Sally Struthers

B. Principle Victoria

C. Kathy Lee Gifford

  1. D.Mexicans

The name of the missionary who visits Ethiopia in order to bring the light of God to its heathen inhabitants is

A. Sister Hollis

B. Sister Anne

C. Father Maxi

D. Sally Struthers

What does Miss Information do?

A. holistic healer

B. prostitute

C. teacher

D. provide useful information and products about medical conditions

William P. Phinehas is meant to represent whom?

A. Al Gore

B. Doug Herzog

C. James Vanderbeak

D. L. Ron Hubbard

57% of people would kick whom in the nuts when answering a poll about Christmas?

A. Barbra Streisand

B. Robert Smith

C. Bon Jovi

D. Jesus

Which of these eastern religions’ leaders does not appear as a member of the Super Best Friends?

  1. A.Confucianism

  2. B.Buddhism

  3. C.Hinduism

  4. D.Taoism

What does Cartman think God wants him to do with his life?

A. Become the tooth-fairy and earn ten million dollars

B. Create a fake church and earn ten million dollars
C. Start a boy-band to earn ten million dollars

D. Start a Christian Rock Band and get a platinum album

Mr. Broflovski has a terrible addiction. What is it?

A. Cheesing and gambling

B. Crack and sex

C. Marijuana and late-night talk shows
D. Fishing and fast cars

Which of these characters never refers to Maya?

A. The Cherokees/Mexicans (Cheech and Chong)

B. Miss Stevens

C. Miss Information

Who is not a Holiday Season icon?

A. Charlie Manson

B. Santa Clause

C. Jesus

  1. D.Mr. Hankey

Where is Buddha from?

A. China

B. Japan

C. Bangladesh

D. India

Thetins are

  1. A.particularly poisonous jellyfish

  2. B.alien souls that cause negative emotions in humans

  3. C.a Hindu delicacy eat to celebrate the end of a fast day

  4. D.the band that was meant to perform at Christfest instead of Faith + 1

When Chef says, “In the 1960’s there was a monk who set himself on fire to protest. You have left me no choice. To protest your lack of humanity, I will now do the same thing,” what happens next?

  1. A.Chef becomes a monk

B. Chef sets himself on fire

C. Chef sets the monk on fire

  1. D.Chef burns the current South Park flag

How do members of the Super Adventure Club believe they can become immortal?

  1. A.By licking magic frogs

  2. B.By molesting children

  3. C.By having super adventures all over the world

  4. D.By having more members than any other club

Who is the Jewish boy on South Park?

  1. A.Kenny

  2. B.Kyle

  3. C.Stan

  4. D.Cartman

Who has Father Maxi not had sex with?

  1. A.little boys

  2. B.Mrs. Donovan

  3. C.Peterson

  4. D.Mrs. Cartman

Who gets into Heaven according to South Park?

  1. A.The devout

  2. B.Everyone

  3. C.Jehovah’s Witnesses

  4. D.Mormons

The bishop of Rome is called

  1. A.Cardinal

  2. B.Father

  3. C.Pope

  4. D.Peter

Joosians are from

A. Marklar

B. Imaginationland

C. Mars

  1. D.Fognl

The following celebrity is not a Scientologist:

  1. A.Jesse Jackson

  2. B.Tom Cruise

  3. C.John Travolta

  4. D.Isaac Hayes

Heaven is this moment right now, what does the U.S. general think we should do?

A. Celebrate

  1. B.Bomb right now

C. Search for Saddam Hussein

  1. D.Get high with G.W. Bush

NAMBLA stands for

  1. A.The North American Mel Brooks Lookalike Association 

  2. B.The North American Man-Boy Love Association

  3. C.The No Asses May Be Large Association

  4. D.Never Asked My Bangle to Lick Ass

The following is not a tactic South Park advocates

A. Persuasive argumentation

B. Critical investigation

C. Thoughtful reflection

D. Coercion

Who is not a member of Mr. Hankey’s family?

  1. A.Autumn

B. Jackson

C. Cornwallis

  1. D.Amber

Sally Struthers most resembles which animated character?

  1. A.Fat Albert

  2. B.Jabba the Hut

  3. C.Cartman

  4. D.Hungry Hungry Hippoes

Cartman’s Christian rock band is called

  1. A.Faith + 1

  2. B.Savior Self

  3. C.Moop

  4. D.Trinity

Who is banned from Scouts?

  1. A.Timmy

  2. B.Cartman

  3. C.Mr. Garrison

  4. D.Big Gay Al

According to Chef, what’s the proper age to begin having sex, under any and all circumstances?

  1. A.8

  2. B.12

  3. C.15

  4. D.17

Why do the boys building a ladder to Heaven?

  1. A.To learn of the whereabouts of their winning candy lottery ticket

  2. B.Because they miss Kenny

  3. C.To stop Saddam Hussein from building weapons of mass destruction

  4. D.To ask the Mormons how to bring Heaven to earth

What biblical verse(s) is/are on the pamphlet Stan and Kyle hand out at Cartman’s first soapbox sermon (episode 410)?

A. Matthew 25:4-5

  1. B.Matthew 15:11

  2. C.Ezekiel 5:10

  3. D.Psalms 46:3

The name of Sister Hollis’s ship is the

A. Jesus Cruiser

B. Missionary 600

C. Tiberian Junker

D. Mission to the Stars

Who does Cartman wrongly label as Jewish?

  1. A.Ted Coppell

  2. B.George Lucas

  3. C.Stephen Spielberg

  4. D.Barbra Streisand

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Get a FREE bonus chapter from The Zen of South Park!Free_Sample_Chapter_of_The_Zen_of_South_Park.html
Get a FREE bonus chapter from The Zen of South Park!Free_Sample_Chapter_of_The_Zen_of_South_Park.html
Get a FREE bonus chapter from The Zen of South Park!Free_Sample_Chapter_of_The_Zen_of_South_Park.html
Get a FREE bonus chapter from The Zen of South Park!Free_Sample_Chapter_of_The_Zen_of_South_Park.html
Get a FREE bonus chapter from The Zen of South Park!Free_Sample_Chapter_of_The_Zen_of_South_Park.html
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