The Zen of South Park: Finding the Middle Ground in American Religion, is an e-book by Jay Solomon all about South Park and religion. Though nothing shy of brilliant this book is also entirely classless - an amazing fusion that makes for both excellent reading and top-notch, slightly too-rough toilet-paper.

As America’s most insightful and hilarious social

commentary, South Park provides penetrating

insights into almost all major religions as well

as a host of related issues like cults, atheism,

the Holiday Season, the Bible, Hell, God,

Jesus, Satan and more.

In The Zen of South Park, readers will learn

about the fascinating religious issues that South

Park tackles, and understand so much of what the

show is teaching us - and all while giggling like a school-girl! Not only does The Zen of South Park explore South Park’s portrayal and understanding of religion, but it also gives readers the opportunity to learn about the religions themselves, just by reading about this revolutionary show.

However you choose to enjoy The Zen of South Park, I hope you’ll remember that the book is much more than just the most easily acquirable e-book of all time. The Zen of South Park website includes bonus material by Jay, videos, trivia, a South Park quote database, and a detailed archive of The Zen of South Park Blog posts. The blog itself includes posts on nearly all South Park episodes, a Quran Read-A-Long group, hilarious motivational posters and so much more.

I hope you’ll take some time to explore and see what else there is to do, and maybe we’ll be in touch some time soon.

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