Table of Contents

Section I: Come on Down to South Park and Meet Some Friends of Mine

Chapter 1: Don’t You See? It’s Our Tears that Give God His Great


Chapter 2: Now I’d Like to Quickly Introduce Your New Ruler and Master for Eternity, Satan

Chapter 3: The Winner by Knockout and Still Undisputed Ruler of Your Spiritual Kingdom, Hey-Zeus, el-Savior Christ!

Chapter 4: The Bible: Not Just a Really Old Book

Chapter 5: Mr. Hankey and The Holiday Season: For Anyone

with a High Fiber Diet

Section II: Friendly Faces Everywhere and Humble Folks without Temptation

Chapter 6: You Don’t Know Anything about Christianity! – I Know

Enough to Exploit It

Chapter 7: Catholicism: Jesus Was Made of Crackers?

Chapter 8: Judaism: Moses May Want Popcorn Necklaces but

Being a Separatist Sucks Ass

Chapter 9: Dude, a Self-Hating Jew – You Are Becoming a


Chapter 10: Islam and the Middle East: If I had Sand in the Crack

of My Ass and Couldn’t Get Laid I’d be Pretty Pissed off Too

Section III: Goin’ Down to South Park, Gonna Leave My Woes Behind

Chapter 11: Cults + Tax Exempt Status = Bona Fide Religion

Chapter 12: Mormonism and Scientology: Making It Up and

Making It Big

Chapter 13: Atheism: Yeah, Let’s Kill God!


Chapter 14: Occult, Paganism and Mythology, Oh My

Chapter 15: Eastern Religion, Buddhism, and Spirituality, Where

Everything is as It Should Be

Conclusion: South Park and the Middle Ground in American Religion

The Zen of South Park is divided up into 3 sections of 5 chapters each. These 15 chapters are preceded by a Preface and Introduction and end with a fabulous Conclusion. Click on any chapter to go straight to the episode clips for that chapter.

Copyright © 2009 The Zen of South Park 2009. All rights reserved.

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