Inspirational South Park Quotes


“What we really should do is go to our parents right now and take responsibility for smoking ourselves. Even if it means getting grounded.”

  1. -Kyle, 713

“It wasn't the tobacco companies' fault that we smoked. It was our fault, us! We should all take personal responsibility instead of letting fat fascists like him tell us what to do!”

  1. -Kyle, 713

“If we as a people choose not to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, then we can still apologize for the brutal way in which he was killed, and take our share of the responsibility for it.”

  1. -Kyle, 804

“Let's say it's all made up, and Mr. Jefferson is just a nice guy who's trying to be a child because he never got to have a childhood. Well that's fine, except for that he HAS children now! And when people have children, they have to grow up!”

  1. -Kyle, 807

“Maybe instead of complaining about corporations being selfish, we should look at ourselves. I mean, is there anything more selfish than doing nothing but getting high and listening to music all day long?”

  1. -Stan, 902

“I just wanted a big house and lots of respect. I didn't want this kind of responsibility.”

  1. -Colorado Governor, 910

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