Inspirational South Park Quotes

Repentance and Sin

“I’m sorry for what I did, but that doesn’t make up for it.  I deserve to be in jail.  All I hope is that I don’t make mankind lose faith in itself.  Yes, there’s murderers in the world, there’s rapists and thieves, but those are the vast minority.  The majority of mankind is made up of caring people who try everyday to do what they think is right and that’s the spirit of the season.”

  1. -Charles Manson, 216

“Well, this sucks that I have to die, but if I die, everyone's sins will be forgiven, so I guess it's cool.”

  1. -Cartman, 302

Stan: What if we haven't really done anything that horribly bad in our lives.

Cartman: Yeah, what if we haven't?

Sister Anne: It doesn't matter, because we are all born with Original Sin.

- 410

“You'll be getting in the Confession box with a priest and confessing all your sins, so that God can forgive you. You kids will all have to go to your first Confession this Tuesday, so I want you all to go home tonight and think long and hard about all your sins, so that you can tell the priest everything.”

  1. -Sister Anne, 410

“Dude, this lady told us if you don't confess all your sins and you don't eat crackers and drink wine, then you go to Hell. Period.”

  1. -Stan, 410

“It's not too late to do what's right.”

  1. -Kyle, 609

“You can't run from your past, turds. Apologize and make amends.”

  1. -Shelley Marsh, 809

“The preacher says that before your soul can be at peace, sometimes, you have to atone for something bad you did.”

- Butters, 906

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