Inspirational South Park Quotes


“Yeah, but the color of someone’s skin doesn’t matter.”

- Kyle, 408

“The thing about this episode is that it teaches racial tolerance, to treat everyone as an equal regardless of the color of their skin.”

- Matt Stone, commentary to 106

“But now we have learned once again that black, white, yellow, brown, or whatever, we are all just people.”

- Mayor, 408

Kyle: All crimes are hate crimes.  If a man beats another man because he was sleeping with his wife, is that not a hate crime? 

Stan: If a person vandalizes a government building, isn’t that because of his hate for the government?

Token: The motivation for a crime shouldn’t affect the sentencing. 

Stan: Mayor, it is time to stop splitting people into groups.  All hate crime laws do is support the idea that blacks are different from whites, that homosexuals need to be treated differently from non-homos, that we aren’t the same.

Kyle: But instead we should all be treated the same, with the same laws, and the same punishments for the same crimes.

- 401

“It's not okay to make fun of an American because they're black, brown, or whatever, but it is okay to make fun of foreigners because they are from another country.”

  1. -Chef, 205

Chef:  Children, don't you even know what this argument is about? That flag is racist because a black man is being hung by white people.

Kyle: We really didn't see it that way.

Chef: But that's a black man up there!

Kyle: Yeah, but the color of someone's skin doesn't matter.

Chef: Well of course it matters when- Oh my God. Wait a minute. You children didn't even see the flag as a black man being hanged by white people, did you?

Kyle: No.

Chef: Why, that is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard...All this time I thought these little crackers had turned racist, when actually they were so not racist that they didn't even make a separation of black and white to begin with. All they saw when they looked at that flag was five people.

- 408

“Don't you understand what ignorant prejudice like that can lead to? I have to disprove Cartman's hateful rumors!”

  1. -Kyle, 911

“I've learned that we can't judge people based on what they look like.”

- Cartman, 911

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