Inspirational South Park Quotes


“Living is having ups and downs and sharing them with friends.”

  1. -Larry/Steve/Gorat, 218

“Now children, listen to me. Why do you want to go back in time? Life isn’t about going back.  It’s about going forward. Yes, there are times in our lives that we wish we could relive but if we already lived them perfectly, why live them again? The adventure of life is that there’s always something new – new challenges, new experiences. A fun game is a game that gets harder as it goes. So it is with life. Do you understand?”

  1. -Ms. Choksondick, 412

“The big questions in life are tough: why are we here?  Where are we from? Where are we going? But if people believe in asshole douchy liars like you they’re never going to find the real answers to those questions.  You aren’t just lying.  You’re slowing down the progress of all mankind – you – douche.”

  1. -Stan, 615

“I just realized that there’s a lot of painful times in life so I better learn to deal with it the right way.”

  1. -Stan, 714

“I’m sad, but at the same time I’m really happy that something made me feel that sad. It’s like, it makes me feel alive, you know? It makes me feel human. The only way I could feel this sad now is if I felt something really good before, so I have to take the bad with the good. So I guess what I’m feeling is like, the beautiful sadness.”

  1. -Butters, 714

“As you can see it appears that we are going down. Now would be a good time to reflect on your life and pray to whatever deity you believe in.”

  1. -City Wok/Airline Owner, 715

“It’s all about moderation.”

  1. -Randy, 302

“Saying good-bye doesn't mean anything. It's the time that we spent together that really matters, not how we left it.”

  1. -Mr. Adler’s fiance, 304

“God can't just answer every prayer and suddenly give you everything you want. That takes all the living out of life.”

  1. -Jesus, 316

“If God answered all our prayers, there'd be nothing left for us to do ourselves. Life is about problems, and overcoming those problems. [becomes reflective] A-and growing and learning from obstacles. If God just fixed everything for us, then there'd be no point in our existence.”

  1. -Jesus, 316

“You see, the basis of all reasoning is the mind's awareness of itself. What we think, the external objects we perceive, are all like actors that come on and off stage. But our consciousness, the stage itself, is always present to us.”

  1. -Kyle, 402

“It's all about being a good person now.”

  1. -Gerald Broflovski, 410

“Having stability in your life is a great thing!”

  1. -Satan, 410

“The Lord just doesn't send everybody to Hell. That wouldn't make sense. He wants people to live their lives.”

  1. -Sister Anne, 411

“You need to spend time alone so that you can find the balance, the middle ground. That's what I always do, because I'm a Buddhist.”

  1. -God, 411

“God doesn't want you to spend all your time being afraid of hell, or praising His name. God wants you to spend your time helping others, and living a good, happy life. That's how you live for Him.”

  1. -Jesus, 411

“Maybe Heaven isn't a place you can get to, maybe Heaven is just an idea. A frame of mind...maybe Heaven is this moment, right now.”

  1. -Kyle, 612

“Look girls, I've partied a lot. Okay? And I'm telling you, there's more to life.”

  1. -Mr. Slave, 812

“You go through life being told there's justice, then you learn that the only real justice is the justice you take.”

- Cartman, 1110

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