Inspirational South Park Quotes

Legal System

“When you sue somebody it hurts everyone. You sue for money, but where do you think that money comes from? From the schools, from taxes, from the state. From you. There’s no such thing as free money. When you sue somebody you take money away from parks and schools and charities and put it in your own pockets, and that makes me a sad panda.”

  1. -Sexual Harassment Panda, 306

“I’m Don’t Sue People Panda with an important message for you. Lawsuits damage our society. I know it’s tempting to make money, but just remember, that money has to come from somewhere, and usually it ends up hurting a lot of innocent people so until next time, don’t let frivolous sexual harassment lawsuits ruin our schools.”

  1. -Sexual Harassment Panda, 306

“Young man, you can't just go declaring Shenanigans on innocent people. That's how wars get started.”

  1. -Officer Barbrady, 213

Gerald: You see, Kyle, we live in a liberal, democratic society. And Democrats make sexual harassment laws. These laws tell us what we can and can't say in the workplace. And what we can and can't do in the workplace.

Kyle: Isn't that fascism?

Gerald: No, because we don't call it fascism. Do you understand?

Kyle: Do you?

  1. -306

“I think voting is great, but, if I have to choose between a douche and a turd, I just don't see the point.”

  1. -Stan, 808

“You didn't want me to vote, you wanted me to vote for your guy!”

  1. -Stan, 808

“It's always between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. Nearly every election since the beginning of time has been between some douche and some turd. They're the only people who suck up enough to make it that far in politics.”

  1. -Some balding man, 808

“You can't judge the merits of voting on whether or not your candidate won.”

  1. -Sharon Marsh, 808

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