Inspirational South Park Quotes


“Germany was united under the swastika, right? But obviously history wasn't as important as changing the views after the war and stuff, so hey changed it.”

- Cartman, 408

“The main point we would like to make is that oftentimes it is prudent to change history.  As times change we hope to grow and as we grow our rules must change.  It is a natural part of evolution.”

  1. -Wendy, 408

“You've learned that you can't rewrite history. You see, history is forever, and everything happens for a reason.

  1. -Kyle, 314

“Damnit, Billy, this isn't about you havin' to be slaves! This is about history! We can't let them change it!”

  1. -Stan’s Grandpa, 314

“This is about history, kids. If you don't have respect for your past, then you can never expect to- BIRD!- then you can never expect to have a future. Nowadays, everyone wants to change mascots and flags because they're not "politically correct." Well, where does it end? I mean, people are gonna start sayin' that the Denver Broncos are offensive to horses. And then we'll have to - SQUIRREL! - and then we'll have to change everything, and pretty soon all our history will be forgotten.”

- Uncle Jimbo, 408

“Tell everyone in the past for us, that no one single answer is ever the answer.”

- UAA Leader, 1013

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