Inspirational South Park Quotes


“If we build for a better future the immigrants will stay there.”

- Man in Big Gay Pile, 806

“Sometimes the things we do don’t matter right now. Sometimes they matter, later. You have to care more about later sometimes, you know?  I think that’s what separates us from the Stephen Spielbergs and George Lucases of the world.”

  1. -Stan, 609

“These children are depending on me to give them a future. I can't do it without your guidance. Please! Help me, for them! For the future of our children!”

  1. -Ms. Choksondick, 412

“Yeah well, sometimes the things we do don't matter right now. Sometimes they matter later. We have to care more about later sometimes, you know?”

  1. -Stan, 609

“The only heaven we can hope for is one here on earth, now. We should stop waiting to get into heaven and start trying to create it.”

  1. -Randy Marsh, 612

“They're just humans trying to make their lives better. Look, it sucks that the immigrants' time is so crappy, but the cold hard truth is that if we let them all come back to our time, then it's just gonna make our time crappy too. Maybe the answer isn't trying to stop the future from happening, but making the future better.”

  1. -Stan, 806

“Maybe if we all commit right now to working toward a better future, then, then the future won't be so bad.”

  1. -Stan, 806

“I'm afraid us adults just let you children down. We didn't take care of our earth, and now you've inherited our problems.”

- Randy Marsh, 908

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