Inspirational South Park Quotes


“Family isn’t about whose blood you have in you. Family’s about the people who cared about you and took care of you. We’re not the same blood, but I love my little brother. We’ve taken care of him because he needed us to, and that makes us more family than anything.”

  1. -Kyle, 715

“Shelley, you saved my life. And yet, you've done so much more than that. Today you've taught me the meaning of family. Sure, families don't always get along, but when the forces of evil descend upon us, we conquer them, by sticking together.”

  1. -Stan, 105

“Just because Ike is adopted doesn't make him any less your brother.”

  1. -Gerald Broflovski, 204

Randy: See, your mother and I still care about you and your sister. But we just don't like being around each other any more.

Stan: Well, I don't like being around my sister anymore; does that mean I can leave her, too?

Randy: Well, no, because you're a family! You just can't leave family; you have to stick with family, no matter what.

Stan: But you and Mom are family; how come you can just split up? You know what I think? I think that when you and Mom got married, you became family. And now that you are, you shouldn't be able to leave her anymore than I can leave my sister.

  1. -212

“Divorce is stupid!”

  1. -Stan, 212

“You see, I had a family once. At least, I called them my family. Really, they were nothin' but a gang of people I thought were my friends. Ah after we killed a bunch of people together, I realized that my real family was who took care of me, and who took the time to care about what I did.”

  1. -Charles Manson, 216

“The Harrisons are really nice people and... you should see how loving and together their family is. I, I think there's something to that religion.”

- Randy Marsh, 712

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