Inspirational South Park Quotes


“You see, reading opens up whole new worlds to you. You can take a canoe down the Amazon. Or go back in time to Camelot. Or become a race car driver. All by just opening a book. Just like magic. The magic of reading.”

  1. -Driver of the Booktastic Bus, 203

“When you're uh-unemployed, weekends are meaningless.”

  1. -Stuart McCormick, 210

“Science is good. Science is very important.”

  1. -Nick Nolte, 302

“When it comes to spelling bees, always bet on the Jew.”

- Uncle Jimbo, 313

“It is amazing. All our plants and herbs failed to heal him, but your people's remedy brings the spirit of the buffalo back into his heart. Perhaps there are many things we can learn from your way of life.”

  1. -Indian Elder 1, 707

“We're not sure what this device is capable of. Maybe we should wait until we've had more time to study it.”

- Stan, 909

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