Inspirational South Park Quotes


“You people focus so hard on the things wrong with Christmas that you've forgotten what's so right about it. Don't you see? This is the one time of year we're s'posed to forget all the bad stuff, to stop worrying and being sad about the state of the world, and for just one day say, ‘Aw, the heck with it! Let's sing and dance and bake cookies.’”

  1. -Mr. Hankey, 110

“Like all of our episodes, this episode has an important moral lesson. The moral of this episode is that everyone, regardless of your religion, should celebrate Christmas, because it’s the best holiday.”

  1. -Matt Stone, commentary to 110

“You see, I get it now! I finally understand what the holidays are all about. Boys, don't you see? You can't let things get you down during the holidays, because being happy is what the holidays are all about!”

- Charles Manson, 216

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