Inspirational South Park Quotes


“Some things are more important than money.”

  1. -Mrs. Tweek, 217

“Big corporations are good...because without big corporations we wouldn't have things like cars and computers and canned soup.”

  1. -Kyle, 217

“Little boy, sometimes, what's right isn't as important as what's profitable.”

  1. -Agent, 218

“Man, I guess sometimes we let our technology and stuff grow too fast.”

  1. -Kyle

Jesus: I can't say I approve of this, my children.

Kyle: Huh? Why not?

Jesus: Because Kenny is only doing things that anybody could do. For money. He's a prostitute.

  1. -415

“We got so caught up in the little things of Christmas, like love and family that we almost forgot it's buying things that makes our economy thrive.”

- Ms. Choksondick, 417

Government Official: The government is bailing the airlines out again, but shutting you down and making ITs illegal.

Mr. Garrison: You'd better be kidding!

Agent 5: Sir, many people work for the airlines. We can't let them all be fired.

Mr. Garrison: The airline companies are losing money because of their own incompetence and their own inefficiency!

  1. -511

“Just because your parents can afford better toys than ours doesn't make you better than us!”

- Stan, 706

“It's simple economics, son. I don't understand it at all, but, God I love it.”

  1. -Randy Marsh, 809

“If you want it to go away, all it takes is a little self-control and personal responsibility.”

  1. -Randy Marsh, 809

“Well just like the rest of us, you have to make choices with your money. Do you want a bike, or do you not want to be depressed?”

  1. -Randy Marsh, 912

“We thought we could make money on the Internet. But, while the Internet is new and exciting for creative people, it hasn't matured as a distribution mechanism to the extent that one should trade real and immediate opportunities for income for the promise of future online revenue. It will be a few years before digital distribution of media on the Internet can be monetized to the extent that necessitates content producers to forego their fair value in more traditional media.”

- Kyle, 1204

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