Inspirational South Park Quotes


Mr. Marsh: Hey that Bible sounds like kind of a good book.

Stan: It ain’t bad. You should try reading it some time.

- 302

Bible - Wrath of Con. What’s the difference?”

  1. -Stan, 302

“Well, the way I see it, if he really is who he says he is, well then he'd better do some'in' on New Year's eve, 'cause it's in the Bible!”

  1. -Hick, 316

“Alright men! Grab your guns and your Bibles! We are going to get Miss Nicks back!”

  1. -U.S. General, 509

“You've forgotten what being a Catholic is all about: this book. You see, these are just stories - stories that are meant to help people in the right direction. Love your neighbor. Be a good person. That's it! And when you start turning the stories into literal translations of hierarchies and power, well, you end up with this. People are losing faith because they don't see how what you've turned the religion into applies to them! They've lost touch with any idea of any kind of religion, and when they have no mythology to try and live their lives by, well, they just start spewing a bunch of crap out of their mouths!”

  1. -Father Maxi, 608

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