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“Don’t you see governor. I should have the right to have an abortion if I want one...I mean, what right do I have bringing another child into this overpopulated world? Then again I should have thought of that before having sex...then again...I just don’t know.”

  1. -Mrs. Cartman, 202

Doctor:  A lot of amazing studies have shown that stem cells might be used to fight cancer and a myriad of other diseases. Right now, a lot of stem cells come from the tissue of aborted fetuses - ah I'm sorry, unwanted children. And if you sign a release, that tissue can go to studies

Ms. Sanders: Oh well, I suppose, if it can help others.

Doctor: The hope is that someday it might.

  1. -513

“Too many people were upset about using aborted fetal tissue for a study. It's too bad, too. We really could have helped a lot of people.”

  1. -Larry, 513

“My best friend in the whole world is Kenny McCormick and he, he's sick right now. He's real sick. He's only eight years old and his doctors don't think he has very long to live. Look, I realize that using the tissue from aborted fetuses for research is a touchy subject, but all I know is that if there's a chance, a chance that stem-cell research could save my best friend's life, well I guess I owe it to him to try and change your minds.”

  1. -Cartman, 513

“Abortion is the ultimate form of cheating! You’re cheating nature itself! Why do rich white girls get ahead in life? Because they get abortions when they’re young! They get pregnant, but they still want to go to college so, whatever, they just cheat! They cheat that little critter in their belly right out of a chance at life.”

- Cartman, 1205

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