The Zen of South Park isn’t the only thing I’ve written, and so you can get the flavor of my work, here’s a smattering of my writing about South Park, some academic work and my satirical work zine. When you smash these three styles and subject matters together, you get something akin to The Zen of South Park. If you have any thoughts about what I’ve written, don’t hesitate to share:

This is my senior honors thesis about the place of Judaism in Unitarian and antitrinitarian thought. Yes, at first glance that appears to be a daunting topic, and though it is rather heady, it’s also absolutely fascinating. Christians who rejected the notion of the Trinity in the 16th through 19th centuries effectively turned to and utilized elements of Judaism as a means of reassuring themselves that their decision to worship a single, unified and non-trinitarian God was the right theological decision. If it means anything to you, this thesis won multiple awards so you’re not reading just any old nonsense - it’s published at CUREJ, and can be accessed by clicking Loving Thy Neighbor as Thyself.

Bonus Material

In Defense of South Park

The first thing I want to share with you is an essay that I wrote about the nature of South Park as a social commentary called “In Defense of South Park.” It is written in a far more formal style than The Zen of South Park is so I hope that you can see through the stuffitiness and enjoy it for what it’s saying. Also, I’d love to hear your feedback on it and your thoughts so send them my way if you have them.

Loving Thy Neighbor as Thyself: The Place of Judaism in the Identity of the English Unitarians

The Catalyst and The Dude Abides

In college all those years ago, I created, wrote and published a newsletter called The Catalyst. It was for my college house, Harrison, and was filled with regular features like advice from Ben Franklin, movie reviews, international news and Sandra Bullock’s thoughts, as well as joke articles that have been called a cross between The Daily Show and The Onion. I’ve catalogued the issues here in a series of PDFs. In addition, I’ve included a PDF of The Dude Abides, a short book I wrote with my good friend, Kelly Knoll, as a guide for incoming freshmen. It’s amusing and great to learn a little bit more about life at The University of Pennsylvania.

The Catalyst Advertisements

The Dude Abides: A Harrisonian’s Guide to Surviving at Penn


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Get a FREE bonus chapter from The Zen of South Park!Free_Sample_Chapter_of_The_Zen_of_South_Park.html
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