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Zen Talk

Spill The Cup of Your Life So That the Beauty Runs Out

Do A Person’s Friends Tell You About His Character

What’s the Point of Seeking to Understand?

For How Long Will I Be a Fool?

A Reminder to Live in the Moment

Our Words Don’t Do Reality Justice

Watts’ Words are Twisted For Us to Unravel - Or Leave as They Are

The Illusion of Purity

Focusing on the Amazing Journey

The Importance of Self Acceptance

Striving for Truth is Fallacy

Removing the Concept of the Absolute

Zen is a Struggle Against Schema

Two Ears and One Mouth

The Fundamental Delusion of Humanity

The Zen is In You, It is Not Found

A Common Complaint Flipped on Its Head

The Mundanity of Zen is the Essence of Its Profundity

Getting What We Need to Get What We Need

The Power of Quieting Your Mind

This Just Resonated In My Head And I Had to Share It

Everyone Must Take His or Her Own Path

Dogs and Men Running Their Mouths

Is Passion a Good or a Bad Thing?

Misery Ends Where Friendliness Begins

Truth, Happiness and the Future

The Path to Salvation Must Begin and End with the Self

Buddha Speaks of the Wisdom of Age

Gettin’ Noticed, Baby

Say It, Don’t Spray It

The Buddha Speaks of the Unfortunate Endurance of Hatred

Using Mindfulness the Buddha Starts us on the Path Towards Transcendence

A Buddha Quote on the Nature of Victory

The Teaching of the Enlightened

Who’s the Fool and How Can He Become Wise? Let’s Ask Buddha

Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Don't Ya Know

A Buddhist Story about Learning to Let Things Go

A Quote by Buddha about the Wise

The Buddha Speaks of Ceasing Hatred

Parker and Stone's Alan Watts Animation Teaches of the Middle Ground and Banishing Black and White

Parker and Stone Animate the Lectures of Zen Philosopher Alan Watts

Sayings of Buddha about Pleasure

Zen Talk: 21 Rules for a Sarcastic Zen Life

Buddha Speaks of Small Good Being Good Enough

“Great Transcendent Wisdom” Teaches of Emptiness and Impermanence

Dogen’s “The Issue at Hand” Waxes about Being As Is

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