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Can growing Muslim populations result in shrinking Islamophobia?

Was Pope Benedict XVI’s Visit to Israel Worth It

The Art of Taking Ourselves Less Seriously For the Public Good

The Catholic Bishop Holocaust Denier Is Making the News and, ba-da-da-da-da, I’m Lovin’ It

The Vatican’s Newspaper Forgives John Lennon for Thinking the Beatles are Bigger Than Jesus

Exciting New Discovery of Syria’s Largest Ancient Church

How to Understand the Current World Financial Problems

Monks Brawl at Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Where Jesus was Supposedly Crucified

Will Atheism Be Advertised on London Buses?

Sony Videogame with Lyrics from the Quran in a Musical Track has Been Recalled

Democratic and Republican Jews Battle for Jewish Florida Voters with Jackie Mason and the Great Schlep

A Review of the Sarah Palin-Joe Biden Vice-Presidential Debate

Russians Try to Ban South Park for its Extremism and Negative Comments about Religion

U.S. Gov’t Report on Religious Freedom Strongly Criticizes China

The French Finally Get Something Right by Allowing a Woman to Sue the Church of Scientology for Fraudulent Practices

Where God Comes into the Republican Presidential Ticket

The Dead Sea Scrolls, One of the Greatest Finds of All Time, Are Coming to the Internet

Religion (or cults) in the News: Anonymous Takes on Scientology in Global Protest

The Olympics Opening Ceremonies and the World's Arrival in China

Anglicans Can't Resolve Growing Tensions about Acceptability of Homosexuality

Barack Obama’s Note in Jerusalem’s Western Wall is Published Around the World

The Valley of Bamiyan: Buddhism, Radical Islam and the Taliban Collide at one of History's Greatest Crossroads, The Silk Road

Pope Mixes Signals, Apologizing for Priestly Molestations While Focusing on World Youth Day

Traditional Media, The New York Times, Proves the Relevance of the Blogging World

Robert Mugabe is a Worthless Asshole

Immigration and the Changing Face of America

Protestants and Catholics Still Over Centuries-Long War

Left Behind….Mentally Speaking, that is

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