I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, where I battled my way through gangs and urban drug wars. Yes, the suburbs were tough, and private Jewish day school isn’t the picnic you’d think it is.


Mount Vernon Presbyterian Pre-school was the beginning of my religious education. However, when my religious, Jewish grandparents came to town one week and picked me up from school, I sang “Jesus Loves Me” and was promptly removed from that accredited institution. Well, Jesus does love me and that’s why he saw to my continued education at the Epstein School, a wonderful Jewish day school that I attended from kindergarten to eighth grade. It was a great education but in the same way that it

had been enough of the Jesus it had been enough of

the Jews - though those are sort of the same thing.

From there I was allowed to go to the high school of

my choice, and I immediately replied, “PUBLIC

SCHOOL!” For you see, I wanted to meet people in the real world, which is to say, black people, and could not do that at this private, Jewish day-school. After four years of public high-school I went off to the University of Pennsylvania, from which I graduated summa and PBK. My degree was in History and Religious Studies. After a short jaunt in Turkey, I spent a year and a half getting a Masters at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, further expanding and honing my knowledge about religion and the Bible. It is with these degrees and experiences that I have opted to write The Zen of South Park.

About the Author

Interest in South Park

When the show first started I was in eighth grade and as my friends and I sat in the back of our school’s little morning prayer service on Thursday mornings, we would discuss the previous night’s episode, excited by the catch phrases and curse-words that we had witnessed on television. Though naughty language still makes me giggle, at the time its excitement waned, and I stopped watching the show. While South Park was growing up in seasons 2-5, I was busy ignoring it, but in college I realized how brilliant the show was, and towards the end of my junior year I knew that I wanted to write a book about South Park and religion. It was not until over a year later, however, that I was finally able to sit down and undergo this awesome challenge.


I have returned to Atlanta, GA with my beautiful lady, Eszter. She’s Hungarian - hence the whacky spelling of her name. She’s too fantastic for words and she works on our health and wellness business, More of Me to Love, with me.

Our cat, Cyrus

Jay over Hong Kong

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